If you have any questions please email Mark Gibbons at coachmarkgibbons@gmail.com

Regional Commissioner: Ian McCullen ayso7rc@gmail.com

Extra Program Coordinator: Pablo F. Urquiza pfurquiza@gmail.com

Location:  St Bernard’s High School in Playa del Rey

Address: 9100 Falmouth Ave, Playa Del Rey, CA 90293

Saturday April 9th
1p-2p BU9/BU10
2p-3p GU9/GU10
3p-4p BU9/BU10

Saturday April 16th
1p-2p BU11/BU12
2p-3p GU11/GU12
3p-4p BU11/BU12

Saturday April 23rd
1p-2p BU13/BU14
2p-3p GU13/GU14
3p-4p BU13/BU14

Sunday May1st (just added)
3p-4p GU9/GU10
4p-5p BU9/BU10

Saturday May 7th
1p-2p GU11/GU12
2p-3p BU11/BU12
3p-4p GU11/GU12

Saturday May 14th
1p-2p GU13/GU14
2p-3p BU13/BU14
3p-4p BU9/BU10 (just added) 

Tuesday May 17th- Westchester High

6pm – 7pm – GU9 (just added)

Tuesday May 17th- Westchester High

7pm – 8pm – GU10 (just changed)

Age brackets:
Age Guide for 2016-2017 Membership Year
Division Age Born Between
U-19 16-17-18 8/1/97 and 7/31/00
U-16 14-15 8/1/00 and 7/31/02
U-14 12-13 8/1/02 and 7/31/04
U-12 10-11 8/1/04 and 7/31/06
U-10 8-9 8/1/06 and 7/31/08
U-8 6-7 8/1/08 and 7/31/10
U-6 5 8/1/10 and 7/31/11
U-5 4 8/1/11 and 7/31/12
This age guide is for games and competitions that begin on or after Aug. 1, 2016.

Download this chart.